Emsculpt NEO

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Emsculpt NEO services offered in Glendale, CA

Struggling with poor muscle tone and stubborn fat pockets but don't have hours to spend at the gym? Elevate Aesthetics, part of Elevate Health Group in Glendale, Los Angeles County, California, offers a highly effective solution with EMSCULPT NEO® technology. Our experienced staff use this advanced treatment to enhance muscle definition and eliminate fat cells, giving you the toned body you desire. To learn more, call our office today or use the online booking feature to schedule your EMSCULPT NEO® session and transform your physique.

Emsculpt NEO Q&A



EMSCULPT NEO is a cutting-edge treatment that uses radiofrequency and high-intensity electromagnetic energies to reduce fat, enhance muscle growth, and improve the overall body composition of patients with body mass indexes (BMIs) up to 35. 


You can expect dramatic results after choosing EMSCULPT NEO, without spending hours in the gym. However, the treatment works best when combined with healthy lifestyle habits like eating nutritious foods and getting regular physical activity.

How does EMSCULPT NEO work?


EMSCULPT NEO technology uses radiofrequency heat to increase muscle temperature and destroy excess fat cells. The treatment also stimulates muscle contractions at intensities not achievable during voluntary exercise. 


The result is 25% increase in muscle volume, 30% reduction in subcutaneous fat, and improvements in body contours without surgery or downtime.

What are the benefits of EMSCULPT NEO?


The main benefits you can expect after choosing EMSCULPT NEO at Elevate Aesthetics include:


  • Fewer stubborn fat pockets
  • Improved muscle definition
  • Leaner figure
  • Better body contours
  • No surgery
  • No pain
  • No downtime
  • Younger-looking appearance
  • Self confidence


EMSCULPT NEO effectively treats the abdomen, buttocks, calves, arms, and other areas you might struggle to keep toned.

Is EMSCULPT NEO right for me?


EMSCULPT NEO is safe and effective for all body types (up to BMIs of 35). Your specialist discusses your medical history and desired outcome with you and lets you know what to expect during the procedure. They then personalize a treatment plan that matches your goals.

What should I expect during an EMSCULPT NEO procedure?


During EMSCULPT NEO treatments, you relax on a comfortable, reclining chair or exam table. Your specialist applies a specialized applicator to targeted areas of your skin. You then experience muscle contractions paired with heating sensations that feel like a hot stone massage. Each treatment lasts about 30 minutes.

What happens after EMSCULPT NEO treatment?


After EMSCULPT NEO sessions, you can expect slight muscle fatigue or redness at the site of treatment. However, there’s no downtime afterward, which means you can resume normal activities right away. 


A series of EMSCULPT NEO treatment sessions offers you the best outcome. Your Elevate Aesthetics specialist lets you know when to schedule your next treatment session. You can expect reductions in body fat and improved muscle definition over time.


To learn more about EMSCULPT NEO at Elevate Aesthetics and find out if it’s right for you, call the office or use the online booking feature today.